Directions To Ralph and Lorna’s New Home

The drive is Beautiful!!

9542 Front9542 pool
Many have been asking for directions to the new place: here they are.

9542 wellington road 42, Erin, Ontario L7G 4S8

GPS is not really a great option as we are now on a border between two towns and many address data bases identify our street by 4 different names. The south side of our street is called 32 Sideroad and the north side of our street is called Wellington Road 42. We are also sometimes called the Halton Erin townline or Ballinafad.

However if you know how to put coordinates into your GPS then please enter these:

43° 42.6334′ N
79° 59.7331′ W

If coming from Toronto:

  • Take the 401 west to Trafalgar road north. Trafalger breaks at hwy 7 so turn left and continue for 3KM(ish) then re-take Trafalger north for another 2 KM. You will see a store called the HUB on the corner on Trafalger and 32 Sideroad. Turn right (east) there. You will then see our house on the north side (left) i.e. 9542. The numbers on the south side are in the 14000’s (different town)
  • If you take the 407 (much faster because less traffic) then go west and get off the 407 and onto the 401 just before Trafalgar north.

If coming from the north, i.e. Richmond Hill and up:

  • Take hwy 400 up to hwy 9 west to hwy 10 south. Go west on 24 (aka 124). This will take you to the town or Erin. 24/124 will then bend just past Erin but keep going straight onto the 9th line south. After about 4-6 km you will come to Wellington road 42 also called sideroad 32. Turn right there and you will see us at 9542

Best of luck and just call if you have any problems…its worth the drive and will get easier the more often you come.